Fights in pro hockey don’t deter greater violence, study finds

Jun 23, 2022

Journal Reference: Michael R. Betz. Tooth for a tooth: Does fighting serve as a deterrent to greater violence in the modern NHL. PLOS ONE, 2022; 17 (6): e0269889 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0269889 In fact, teams and players that fight more often are also responsible for a disproportionate number of violent penalties across the league. The results refute the arguments by league officials for keeping fighting in the game, said Michael Betz, author of the study and associate professor of human more

Trade the chair for fresh air: Sitting time and cardio health

Jun 22, 2022

Journal Reference: Sidong Li, Scott A. Lear, Sumathy Rangarajan, Bo Hu, Lu Yin, Shrikant I. Bangdiwala, Khalid F. Alhabib, Annika Rosengren, Rajeev Gupta, Prem K. Mony, Andreas Wielgosz, Omar Rahman, M. Y. Mazapuspavina, Alvaro Avezum, Aytekin Oguz, Karen Yeates, Fernando Lanas, Antonio Dans, Marc Evans M. Abat, Afzalhussein Yusufali, Rafael Diaz, Patricio Lopez-Jaramillo, Lloyd Leach, P. V. M. Lakshmi, Alicja Basiak-Rasała, Romaina Iqbal, Roya Kelishadi, Jephat Chifamba, Rasha Khatib, Wei L more

Us versus them: Harming the ‘outgroup’ is linked to elevated activity in the brain’s reward circuitry

Jun 21, 2022

Journal Reference: Emily Lasko, Abigale C Dagher, Samuel James West, David Chester. Neural Mechanisms of Intergroup Exclusion and Retaliatory Aggression. Social Neuroscience (accepted), 2022 [abstract] A new study led by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University used functional brain imaging technology to reveal a potential answer: It increases activity in the brain’s reward network. “At a time of deepening political divisions and global conflict, it is crucial for us to understand more

Soy sauce’s salt-enhancing peptides

Jun 19, 2022

Journal Reference: Manon Jünger, Verena Karolin Mittermeier-Kleßinger, Anastasia Farrenkopf, Andreas Dunkel, Timo Stark, Sonja Fröhlich, Veronika Somoza, Corinna Dawid, Thomas Hofmann. Sensoproteomic Discovery of Taste-Modulating Peptides and Taste Re-engineering of Soy Sauce. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2022; 70 (21): 6503 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.2c01688 Understanding how foods taste the way they do can help producers tailor their growing or manufacturing methods or more

Tight budgeters beware: Skip the coffee before shopping

Jun 18, 2022

Journal Reference: Dipayan Biswas, Patrick Hartmann, Martin Eisend, Courtney Szocs, Bruna Jochims, Vanessa Apaolaza, Erik Hermann, Cristina M. López, Adilson Borges. EXPRESS: Caffeine’s Effects on Consumer Spending. Journal of Marketing, 2022; 002224292211092 DOI: 10.1177/00222429221109247 The research team ran three experiments in retail stores — an industry that’s increasingly been adding coffee bars near their entrances. In their study published in the Journal of Marketing, they f more

Understanding learning by inference

Jun 17, 2022

Journal Reference: Phillip P. Witkowski, Seongmin A. Park, Erie D. Boorman. Neural mechanisms of credit assignment for inferred relationships in a structured world. Neuron, 2022; DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2022.05.021 “The work suggests a new framework for learning in structured environments that goes beyond incremental, experiential learning of associations,” said Erie Boorman, assistant professor in the UC Davis Department of Psychology and Center for Mind and Brain and senior author on th more

Origins of the Black Death identified

Jun 17, 2022

Journal Reference: Maria A. Spyrou, Lyazzat Musralina, Guido A. Gnecchi Ruscone, Arthur Kocher, Pier-Giorgio Borbone, Valeri I. Khartanovich, Alexandra Buzhilova, Leyla Djansugurova, Kirsten I. Bos, Denise Kühnert, Wolfgang Haak, Philip Slavin, Johannes Krause. The source of the Black Death in fourteenth-century central Eurasia. Nature, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04800-3 In 1347, plague first entered the Mediterranean via trade ships transporting goods from the territories of the Golden more

Helping middle school students achieve more

Jun 16, 2022

Journal Reference: Tenelle Porter, Diego Catalán Molina, Andrei Cimpian, Sylvia Roberts, Afiya Fredericks, Lisa S. Blackwell, Kali Trzesniewski. Growth-Mindset Intervention Delivered by Teachers Boosts Achievement in Early Adolescence. Psychological Science, 2022; 095679762110611 DOI: 10.1177/09567976211061109 But a new University of California, Davis, study of intermediate school students in urban California and New York shows promise for underachievers. Researchers found that early inter more

Pre-school play with friends lowers risk of mental health problems later

Jun 15, 2022

Journal Reference: Yiran Vicky Zhao, Jenny Louise Gibson. Evidence for Protective Effects of Peer Play in the Early Years: Better Peer Play Ability at Age 3 Years Predicts Lower Risks of Externalising and Internalising Problems at Age 7 Years in a Longitudinal Cohort Analysis. Child Psychiatry Human Development, 2022; DOI: 10.1007/s10578-022-01368-x Researchers at the University of Cambridge analysed data from almost 1,700 children, collected when they were aged three and seven. Those wit more

Well being: Higher fish consumption may be associated with increased melanoma risk

Jun 13, 2022

Journal Reference: Yufei Li, Linda M. Liao, Rashmi Sinha, Tongzhang Zheng, Terrence M. Vance, Abrar A. Qureshi, Eunyoung Cho. Fish intake and risk of melanoma in the NIH-AARP diet and health study. Cancer Causes Control, 2022; DOI: 10.1007/s10552-022-01588-5 Eunyoung Cho, the corresponding author said: “Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the USA and the risk of developing melanoma over a lifetime is one in 38 for white people, one in 1,000 for Black people and one in 167 for Hisp more