Technique protects privacy when making online recommendations

May 22, 2022

These algorithms work by using personal information like our past purchases and browsing history to generate tailored recommendations. The sensitive nature of such data makes preserving privacy extremely important, but existing methods for solving this problem rely on heavy cryptographic tools requiring enormous amounts of computation and bandwidth. MIT researchers may have a better solution. They developed a privacy-preserving protocol that is so efficient it can run on a smartphone over a ver more

Prehistoric feces reveal parasites from feasting at Stonehenge

May 21, 2022

Journal Reference: Piers D. Mitchell, Evilena Anastasiou, Helen L. Whelton, Ian D. Bull, Mike Parker Pearson, Lisa-Marie Shillito. Intestinal parasites in the Neolithic population who built Stonehenge (Durrington Walls, 2500 BCE). Parasitology, 2022; 1 DOI: 10.1017/S0031182022000476 Durrington Walls was a Neolithic settlement situated just 2.8km from Stonehenge, and dating from around 2500 BC, when much of the famous stone monument was constructed. It is believed that the site housed the pe more

Scientists reveal how seascapes of the ancient world shaped genetic structure of European populations

May 20, 2022

Journal Reference: Bruno Ariano, Valeria Mattiangeli, Emily M. Breslin, Eóin W. Parkinson, T. Rowan McLaughlin, Jess E. Thompson, Ronika K. Power, Jay T. Stock, Bernardette Mercieca-Spiteri, Simon Stoddart, Caroline Malone, Shyam Gopalakrishnan, Lara M. Cassidy, Daniel G. Bradley. Ancient Maltese genomes and the genetic geography of Neolithic Europe. Current Biology, 2022; DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2022.04.069 The study is published today in the journal Current Biology. Researchers found these M more

Where were Herod the Great’s royal alabaster bathtubs quarried?

May 19, 2022

Journal Reference: Ayala Amir, Amos Frumkin, Boaz Zissu, Aren M. Maeir, Gil Goobes, Amnon Albeck. Sourcing Herod the Great’s calcite-alabaster bathtubs by a multi-analytic approach. Scientific Reports, 2022; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-11651-5 Until now this long-held assumption was never scientifically tested. But the recent identification of a calcite-alabaster quarry in the Te’omim cave, located on the western slopes of the Jerusalem hills (near modern-day Beit Shemesh, Israel), c more

New measure of sperm age may be predictor of pregnancy success

May 18, 2022

Journal Reference: J Richard Pilsner, Hachem Saddiki, Brian W Whitcomb, Alexander Suvorov, Germaine M Buck Louis, Sunni L Mumford, Enrique F Schisterman, Oladele A Oluwayiose, Laura B Balzer. Sperm epigenetic clock associates with pregnancy outcomes in the general population. Human Reproduction, 2022 DOI: 10.1093/humrep/deac084 “Sperm epigenetic clock associates with pregnancy outcomes in the general population,” (link to article here), published in the journal Human Reproduction, found more

In-person socialization down, but social media isn’t to blame, researcher says

May 17, 2022

Journal Reference: Jeffrey A. Hall, Dong Liu. Social media use, social displacement, and well-being. Current Opinion in Psychology, 2022; 46: 101339 DOI: 10.1016/j.copsyc.2022.101339 His latest article reviews the best available evidence to debunk the “social displacement hypothesis” that holds that use of mobile and social media is the cause of decreased face-to-face (FtF) interaction. In doing so, he uncovered a worrisome trend: in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia, ther more

Family size may influence cognitive functioning in later life

May 17, 2022

Journal Reference: Eric Bonsang, Vegard Skirbekk. Does Childbearing Affect Cognitive Health in Later Life? Evidence From an Instrumental Variable Approach. Demography, 2022; DOI: 10.1215/00703370-9930490 Until now fertility has not received much attention as a potential predictor of late-life cognition compared with other factors, such as education or occupation. The findings are published in the journal Demography. “Understanding the factors that contribute to optimal late-life cognition more

Research shows the role empathy may play in music

May 16, 2022

Journal Reference: Benjamin A. Tabak, Zachary Wallmark, Linh H. Nghiem, Talha Alvi, Cecile S. Sunahara, Junghee Lee, Jing Cao. Initial evidence for a relation between behaviorally assessed empathic accuracy and affect sharing for people and music.. Emotion, 2022; DOI: 10.1037/emo0001094 The study’s results provide a foundation for future research that could test the impact of socially engaged music listening on social cognitive ability, and whether listening to music can be added to thera more

Children’s products labeled water- or stain-resistant may contain PFAS

May 16, 2022

Journal Reference: Kathryn M. Rodgers, Christopher H. Swartz, James Occhialini, Philip Bassignani, Michelle McCurdy, Laurel A. Schaider. How Well Do Product Labels Indicate the Presence of PFAS in Consumer Items Used by Children and Adolescents? Environmental Science Technology, 2022; DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c05175 Exposure to PFAS through inhalation and ingestion has been linked to a number of health concerns, including decreased effectiveness of vaccines in children, cancers and high more

Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate

May 15, 2022

Journal Reference: Farshad Tehrani, Hazhir Teymourian, Brian Wuerstle, Jonathan Kavner, Ravi Patel, Allison Furmidge, Reza Aghavali, Hamed Hosseini-Toudeshki, Christopher Brown, Fangyu Zhang, Kuldeep Mahato, Zhengxing Li, Abbas Barfidokht, Lu Yin, Paul Warren, Nickey Huang, Zina Patel, Patrick P. Mercier, Joseph Wang. An integrated wearable microneedle array for the continuous monitoring of multiple biomarkers in interstitial fluid. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41551-022 more